BD135 (NPN)
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BD135 (NPN)

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Where We Can Use it & How to Use

BD135 transistor can be used in commercial appliances as well as in educational and hobby electronic circuits. It can be used in wide variety of general purpose applications for example you can use it as a switch or driver to control variety of loads under 1500mA. On the other hand it can be used at the output of an audio amplifier or in stages. Moreover it can also be used to amplify other electronic signals in circuits.


Audio & Other Signal Amplification

Driving & Switching Loads under 1.5A

Motor Driver Circuits

Battery Charger Circuits

Power Supply Circuits

Darlington Pairs

How to Get Long Term Performance in a Circuit

To get long term performance with this transistor it is recommended to not drive load with the transistor that is higher than 1.5A and require more than 45V. Always use a suitable heatsink when driving loads more than 200mA. Always use a suitable base resistor with it and do not store or operate the transistor in temperature below -55 degree Celsius and above +150 degree Celsius.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester