Bluetooth shield V1.1 by Seed Studio
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Bluetooth shield V1.1 by Seed Studio

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Interface funcion

Pad Type Description
PIO1 Status instruction port of Bluetooth module can be read by Arduino A1 port: low-disconnected, high-connected.
BT_RX UART Data input of Bluetooth module.
BT_TX UART Data output Bluetooth module.
Two Grove connectors One is Digital (D8 and D9), the other is I2C/Analog (A4 and A5).

Demonstration 1:Two Bluetooth Shield Connect

This demo will show you how to connect two Bluetooth shield.

You need two piece of Seeeduino V3.0, a Grove - Button, and a Grove - LED.

One Bluetooth Shield as Master while the other as Slave, and there's a Botton connect to the Master, a Led connect to Slave.

When the button press up, the led in Slave will change.

Hardware Installation

Firstly, we choose a Bluetooth Shield as Master, and plug Grove - Button to D8,D9 of this Bluetooth Shield.

For the Slave, we connetc Grove - Led to it's D8,D9 Grove. And D7 as TX, D6 as RX, as folowing:

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester