Desolder Pump
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Desolder Pump

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Product Description

SH833 is a professional manual tin suction device used by electronics engineers during the soldering and disassembly of electronic components. The cylindrical housing of the SH833 tin extractor is made of one piece of anodized aluminum. The suction device is balanced so that the recoil is as low as possible. Replaceable Teflon terminals are resistant to high temperature occurring during the desoldering of tin from a printed circuit board.

One of the basic tools of electronics during soldering is tin suction. A manual suction device is a hand tool consisting of: a cylindrical suction housing, a piston connected to a spring, a spring release button, and a suction tip with a tin hole. A soldering iron is needed to vacuum the tin with a manual suction. First, pull the spring in the suction piston. Using a soldering tip, preheat tin on the circuit board. When the tin is liquid, we put the suction tip and the button releases the spring, which causes the piston to move in the cylinder.

Product Details

technical data:

  • tin sucker SH833
  • producer: Solomon
  • metal suction device: made of anodized aluminum
  • replaceable teflon tip

    (temperature resistant)

  • weight: 50g
  • length: 160 mm
  • ideal for desoldering electronic components and PCBs
  • spare spare tips available for sale:

    ▶ Teflon tip T1

    ▶ ESD T2 antistatic tip 

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester